Toastmaster Steve McTigue, Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies
Toastmaster Steve McTigue, Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies
Fear not, Sweet Lady, The Master Toastmaster is here

Just enjoy and sit back

Now comes the Day you always wanted

On your Wedding Day, an experienced Toastmaster will give you complete peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that every detail is being attended to.

Steve's services to you on the day includes:

• My arrival at the venue at least one hour before your arrival in time to co-ordinate and liaise with all the other wedding service providers you have booked for your Big Day.

• Ensuring guests are welcomed and directed to the appropriate receiving location in readiness for your arrival.

• Accepting and taking care of gifts and cards from Family and Friends.

• Welcoming the Bride and Bridegroom on their arrival.

• Assisting in organising the group shots you have pre-arranged with your photographer.

• Liaising with the banqueting staff for correct timings and local procedures.

• Organising and directing the Receiving Line. Dont forget 'Keep Smiling'

• Escorting your Distinguished Guests to the Top Table.

• Formally announcing the Bride and Bridegroom into the reception.

• Announcing and giving a suitable Grace, if required.

• Announcing and conducting the cutting of the Wedding Cake.

• Introducing each of the speakers with an appropriate preamble.

• Producing flowers and gifts at the right moment.

• Closing the formalities and retiring the Bride and Bridegroom from the table.

• Informing the guests of the next stage of the proceedings.

“big days here, don’t take fright says the master toastmaster

I am near, ALWAYS IN SIGHT, I’m the master toastmaster”

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