Toastmaster Steve McTigue, Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies
Toastmaster Steve McTigue, Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies

Its not as expensive as you might think....

Quality does not always have to cost the earth....

As you can see from the depth and variety of the types of events and functions Steve can deal with, it would be impossible to give an exact quote for all types here on the website.

Each event is different, each occasion unique, each Loving Couple special, but one thing thats constant and never changes and thats the quality and excellence of service you will get from someone as professional as Steve. 

Having decided to spend a small fortune on your Wedding Reception, few things can be more embarrassing than to find that the announcements and speeches will be barely audible in furnished, crowded surroundings and some guests will hear nothing at all. To overcome this I can provide a public address system for a nominal additional charge (£30). (Strongly recommended for gatherings of over 70 people – essential for marquees).

Contact Steve by Phone or Email and an individual quote, tailor made for your requirements will on its way by return.

 “Your event matters most to the Master Toastmaster

That’s a Fact not a boast from the Master Toastmaster”


Steve liaising with Head Waiter during Wedding Breakfast - What price piece of mind?
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